Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Small Joys

  • First sleepy glance out the rain-spattered window: a many-layered cloudy landscape of sky with a tiny bit of sunshine peeking through.
  • Adding milk froth to my usual black coffee.
  • Watching my kids dance around the kitchen to Bruce Springsteen singing "O Mary Don't You Weep".  They were using carrots and leeks for guitars and fiddles!
  • Helping the three boys wisely spend their Christmas money on Amazon.  I think I always knew we were going to end up with three sets of miniature Tintin figures!
  • Enjoying our California girl's last post, about her New Year's resolutions.
  • Planning two new recipe posts: gingerbread cake, and haricot bean soup. Watch this space.
  • Thinking about how nice it was to see our friends yesterday. Ruth and her family stopped by for a few hours, which flew past too quickly!
  • Feeling thankful, once again, that we're not ill during these holidays, unlike last year  and the year before!
  • Still wearing my pajamas at eleven in the morning.
  • The invention of italics...

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  1. LOL, me too, still in my dressing gown Erin! Drinking tea and beginning the 'big pack' ready to move (still no date but it seemed sensible to start!). Glad you had a lovely time - can't wait for your bean soup recipe! See you soon! Jen x


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