Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Here are a few of my favourite posts from this past year, as it swiftly hastens to a close. I chose them for the memories they evoke of fun times, people, and thoughtful days.

January, when we celebrated 'Pappy Day'

Valentine's Day in February

Physiological birth introduction, written after attending info sessions for doulas, in March

In April it was all about treasuring time and learning to say goodbye

May: coffee, breastfeeding, co-op order, and Stormchasers

Our twin boys' birth story, written in June although they were born in the autumn! [also in June, saying goodbye to Grandmother]

New sling for Coo in July

Mr J's August birthday celebrations, with a link to his birth story

Film review of Jane Eyre, seen in September [book review here]

Musical theatre fun in October

A November visit "up north" with family

December letter for my Grandma

Posts that were very enjoyable in the making included my interview with Emily about her creative endeavour, Supremily Jewellery; and also writing up a review of Texture's amazing clothing.

Some of my favourite 2011 posts from other bloggers include:

Journey Mama has a conversation with her inner eleven-year-old

Chrispy's photos of kerbside house numbers - unique!

J writes about missing home but appreciating new things after moving countries

MammaCake's "home fries"

Mamaccino's poetry 

Andrea's published photo, "Morning with Daddy"

What was one of your favourite blog posts this year?  [your own or someone else's]

Comment with a link so we can all enjoy!


  1. I liked your 'Sons of Thunder' post a lot and the birthday interviews you did...really neat! Other posts I was interested to read in 2011:

    This was an eye-opening post

    I love this quilt!

    This was a good reminder to store medicines safely!

  2. Great links! Did you know that type of quilt is called "wholecloth"? It's a style that originated in Wales. That's what I learned at the quilting museum in York! :)


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