Sunday, January 29, 2012

Comfort Blankies

Righty and Lefty have always loved their comfort blankies, made by Grandmother and my sister Emily.  Even now, the scraps of their blankies that remain are tucked into little bags and safely hidden away in their beds.

Mr J never really acknowledged that his blankie existed.  Carefully folded among his stuffed dogs and animals, it stays there still, in spite of the fact that it was given to him at every opportunity when he was tiny, no different from the others.  

When Coo was born, Mr J kindly offered his blankie to her, but I had another one ready.  Two, in fact.  Lefty's first blankie was lost, sadly, when he was around twelve months old, and we learned our lesson about always using the loops to attach the blankie to pushchair straps while out!  When I realised Coo was very attached to her feelie blanket, I made a second identical one.


These blankets have truly "comforted" over the years.  During a long drive in the car, or any similar time when baby has had to wait for breastfeeding or holding, snuggling his or her feelie blanket has done the trick.  Most of the time.

I've made so many of these for friends' babies, and their friends' babies.  Nowadays I fold the blankie carefully into a simple handmade drawstring bag for giving away.  A few blankies made last year include these:

I am setting up an Etsy shop to sell simple handmade items that we use every day, and plan to include comfort blankies.  If you'd like to place any custom orders for one of these blankets now, please feel free to contact me via e-mail for details!

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