Monday, January 30, 2012

Joy of Thankfulness

Our day: an icy cold Monday, with sunshine streaming through golden pink clouds at sunset.  

We're finally having some winter weather, and it looks set to stay for a while.  I'm thankful, so thankful for a warm house in which to work, play, and sleep.  

Thankful for homemade treats: after a long morning steeped in the history of the American revolution, we enjoyed lunch together, along with a square of spelt ginger cake, sweetened with molasses, swathed in a layer of cream cheese icing.  

Thankful for our friend and neighbour, Beckie.  She came round and gave The Boys' haircuts this afternoon.  Enjoyed an hour of coffee and chatting while she worked.  The result?  Two heads of cropped, curly auburn hair, looking rather identical.

Thankful for Nanny and Grandad, who appeared today with a box of blood oranges, which we immediately tucked into with a vengeance, having not had any for three days! 

Thankful for the brief but helpful appearance of Emily, who kept Coo happy and busy with "Go Fish" while I finished making tea.

Thankful for a constant flow of creative ideas; I seem to be swimming in them at the moment.  Just need the time to make them happen! The one I'm most looking forward to making a reality at the moment is soap-making.  I've had the supplies for this packed away in a cupboard for over a year now. My desire to make soap probably dates back to childhood, listening to my mother read "Little House" books aloud, and wishing I could someday be as resourceful as Laura's Ma and Almanzo's Mother in their constant use of the things around them to create what they and their families needed.

Other upcoming projects I'm anxious to start include: baby blankies made from organic cotton and bamboo fleece, hanging wall organisers for the boys' room, tee-shirt skirts, and more bunting.  Because I just can't stop hemming those triangles every time my sewing machine is out.  Addicting... my advice is, when it comes to sewing bunting, don't start; you'll never stop!  Paper bunting is easier and just as fun.

"I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought,
and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder."
-G K Chesterton


  1. I like the Chesterton quote....blood oranges... yum!

  2. Thank you, Erin, for creating 'pictures' with your words. You have the ability to make your blog come alive! I always enjoy hearing about what is going on in your world.


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