Monday, January 16, 2012

Joy of Thankfulness

Mondays seem to be one of those days when I find myself wanting to be thankful.  I'm not naturally a very grateful person and have to work hard to cultivate a thankful attitude, so this in itself is something to be thankful for!

Starting with the simple things.  

Blood oranges are now in season...yay!  We've been eating them indulgently, but today Oscar and I juiced a few; the result was used to create a sticky, pistachio-dotted homemade version of Turkish Delight.  We were studying the 17th century Ottoman Empire in Story of the World, Vol 3.  Of course, after all this, we had to listen to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe during lunch, because no sweet-eating experience in our house is quite complete without hearing of Edmund's delicious encounter with enchanted Turkish Delight... and the unfortunate consequences.

A happy hour in a bookshop and lunch with a friend yesterday: a lovely, long-planned birthday treat.  Mmm... perfect. Coo came along too and arrived home accompanied by a shiny purple balloon.  Meanwhile, the lads and Dan went off for some outdoor adventuring, inspired by lately reading about Bear Grylls' SAS selection training in his autobiography.

A few free evenings in the last two weeks, spent watching Pride and Prejudice, the most recent miniseries. [apart from appreciating the beautiful cinematography and costumes, I'm not a fan of the overly simplistic 2005 movie] Do other book lovers out there rejoice, like me, to hear non-stop real quotes from the book, onscreen? I have such respect for the makers of this 1995 version; they kept to the original plot and didn't feel the need to change a thing.  I'm re-reading the novel again in my spare time and plotting an upcoming book review!

And here are some of the people in the world who give me the greatest joy, and for whom I'm very thankful...

The Boys playing SAS selection... on their tea break!

Watching one of Hatty's Polaroid photographs develop 

Coo rolled a Yahtzee!


  1. oooh how I loved this post! Your children are so blessed to have such engaged parents! and blood oranges.. yummm..xo

  2. I still love watching polaroids of the coolest thinsg ever! I love the 1995 drama of P&P, the first time I watched it on screen...the actress who plays Elizabeth Bennet is very good in the role. I enjoyed the movie for it's cinamatography and drama, but I feel the 1995 version would have been more to the taste of Jane Austen and the movie, perhaps to the tast of the Bronte's!

    Happy Hour at a bookshop - sounds like a blast?! I'm intrigued? Oranges sound good right now..I'm, eating oatmeal cookies.

    We've started to get colder temps and frost..very Nariniaesque!

    Love reading about your days!

  3. Thanks, Glynis! :)

    ALW, Happy Hour was all about spending gift cards - yay - what a treat! :) Love reading about your days too! :)


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