Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Memories and Stargazing

Today we celebrated Pappy Day.  For our family, this time of remembering my grandpa on his birthday means yummy food: cornbread, brown beans, purple coleslaw, and fried potatoes.  And, of course, the long-awaited cherry pie with vanilla ice cream.

After we were comfortably full of food, we shared memories of my grandpa aloud while I scribbled them into a memory book.

Then it was time to bundle cosily into our coats and go out into the chilly evening, to a BBC Stargazing event at our local art gallery.

We all took a turn looking through the huge telescope on the roof.  I've never seen Jupiter's moons before.  I can almost imagine how Galileo felt, viewing them for the first time!

I've also never had a chance to see such a great view of our town at nighttime.  

St Matthew's church below... where Dan and I were married over ten years ago.  Also dubbed "The Plague Church" by Lefty, apparently because it was built many years before the plague devastated the medieval world.  Oh, the analogies to be made!

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