Monday, January 23, 2012

Joy of Thankfulness

So, Monday again.

I'm sipping hot black coffee and thanking God for weak winter sunshine streaming through our windows this afternoon. Our winter has been mild so far; plenty of rain and grey days, but very little real sunshine, so today's glimpses through creamy silvery clouds are definitely something to be thankful for.  

Enjoying the busy chaos of film production happening all around me.  Lefty is coordinating the boys' very own Lord of the Rings visual adaptation.  Constant change is the hallmark of this rather haphazard venture, for instance; some days Righty has left the crew and yet on other days he appears to have taken charge.  Mr J goes back and forth between making his own [hilarious] LOTR short videos on Photobooth, to being heavily involved with the art and scenery creation needed for the older boys' film.  

Our weekends are always busy; the past one was no different.  Birthday outing to attend, visiting and dinner at Nanny and Grandad's, making enchiladas yesterday to share with fellow Americans I met when taking my UK citizenship test last week, Sunday evening open house.  

All fun times to be thankful for, but I'm so, so grateful for our peaceful Mondays.  They could very accurately be termed our day of rest.  Apart from work and learning, we do little else.  The boys appreciate the entire afternoon to spend on creative play, with no schedule or outside obligations.

And how can I resist mentioning being thankful for this sweet girl, all curled up in her big girl bed underneath her"spotty one duvet", as she calls it?

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  1. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Ah the big bed, Arthur has one of these too, also with a red duvet athough not spotty! Your days sound wonderfully filled, we will have to get together and share vegan enchiladas one day!! Much to be thankful for indeed xxxx


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