Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Sewing

First, we made these hats together, one for each of them.  They're French Revolutionary hats: citizen caps, which were worn as a mark of revolutionary status.  We've just finished studying the French Revolution in Story of the World, vol 3.

Next, I made yet another string of bunting.

And then another. 

Which is actually two, because it's reversible!

I sewed up more drawstring bags using fabric from my scrap pile.  These are great for gift bags, or as treasure bags.  The kids love storing little figures in theirs.

Now for the tee-shirt skirt.  I've been saving old tee-shirts for a while, and this first attempt at an upcycled tee-shirt skirt came together nicely.

I did have to put a short length of elastic in the back because I just couldn't get the waistband quite right; the ancient tee-shirt I used for it had lost most of its stretch.  Fortunately, there are plenty of t-shirt scraps left for another try.  I'd like to perfect a tee-shirt skirt pattern that could be made again and again.  Already, I have plans for the next one, which includes embellishments like embroidery and applique.

It's so easy to keep making things for Coo; her appreciation is instant and joyous.  She loves this purple velveteen cloak.  The boys call her Arwen when she wears it.

Finally, I gathered up the scraps of a slightly felted purply-brown woollen jumper and made myself and Coo some cosy upcycled leg warmers! Here she is, shall we say, modelling them.  She was blissfully excited when they were slipped on over her tights this morning.  "They're so soft and lovely," she said happily.


  1. Oh I love all of your creations!
    Legwarmers fun!! I covered my caffetierre box with old legwarmers to make a container for my haridryer. The ingenuity that arises when you HAVE to recycle!! :O)

    Those hats are adorable..I'm so glad your kids, if none others in the world alive at this time will have a very complete and full understanding of the history of the world...I just found out that Matoaka (Pochohontas) is buried under St. George's church in Gravesend)?

    I love Coo's cape, she looks so happy!

    PS. Glad the suma order got sorted!! Phew!

  2. I didn't know that about Pocahontas! We're studying about Native American removals soon, "Trail of Tears", etc. Sad stories.


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