Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Every eight weeks, I order from an online co-operative, and have a huge amount of store cupboard food delivered to my door.  I'm so thankful that we have such a wonderful co-op available, and can find great bargains and lower prices for organic food.  Except that...

I finished my order very late Sunday evening, and e-mailed it for Monday. I sent the wrong order.  December's order, to be exact.  

When the invoice was handed to me today, as the three boys energetically helped bring in the boxes and bags, my brain dropped out of my head into a mess on the floor as I immediately began a mental attempt to problem-solve my way out of this one.  

For any of you reading this who have ordered along with me this time, don't worry!  I'll figure this one out.  There will be a way out of the mess of the moment. There always is.  

There always is.

Not just for massive food orders, but for every single mess that comes up in life.  There's always a path to follow, even if it's not the easiest, or the most clear-cut.  

Now I'm going to sit down and recoup with a cup of coffee!


  1. Oh My Erin - have you called them? you are a good customer of theirs and I'm sure they will help you out by switching some things to make the order match - or just swapping it - you have shopped with them for years! try that first before you fry any more brain cells - as with lots in life, you also don't have to struggle on your own!! Hugs, Jen x

  2. Suma have been amazing! Our driver phoned on her break to chat over it and she's offered to drop off the items we missed on her way through our area next week, as well as collect the unwanted things. :)


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