Saturday, April 07, 2012

On the Arrival of April

The first week of this month has overflowed with people to see and things to do.  We've had the usual stream of people in and out of our house [particularly around tea-times!], and more than the usual: our buddy Hannah Stone visiting from Derby, a day spent with my friend and her twin boys, our monthly community meal finished off with ten shared tubs of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, our regular weekly trip to the library and Starbucks, and time at the local art gallery.  

One of the highlights of the week was musical, of course. Our friend James brought guests with him to lunch at ours on Sunday, and two of them, Tom and Hannah, treated us to their own loud and live version of The Civil Wars' song, "Barton Hollow". It was brilliantly sung and appreciated by all, even a passerby on the street, who stopped to listen as they sang their hearts out in our front room!

This afternoon, things are winding down just a tiny bit.  We are sharing lunch tomorrow with extended family, so even though I'm contributing to the meal, the main responsibility for a big Easter dinner isn't falling to me.  Our house cleaning has slowly and steadily been finished, though I have put off scrubbing the bathrooms until later tonight. Birthday cards and a few short letters have been written and are sealed and waiting for the next posting day -- Tuesday. Our chocolate Easter cake is iced with coconut buttercream, decorated and waiting for tomorrow's lunch. Though I had great ideas for naturally dyed Easter eggs, that hasn't happened.  Maybe next year!

I'm off now to work on cinnamon roll dough for tomorrow's breakfast... recipe here.

Thoughtful times.

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