Sunday, June 03, 2012

Coo as "Sylvia"

Right now, Sylvia is one of Coo's favourite ballets to watch online.  Darcey Bussell dances the lead role, and Coo loves to pretend she is Darcey.  

Hairstyle is very important in the performance of this role.

Equipped with one of the boys' bows, she is ready to begin.

Ballet slippers are on now, somehow forgotten at the beginning.

The bow is very important in this ballet, as Sylvia is a mythological Greek huntress.  

And curtsey to the audience...


These photographs were taken last weekend, when we enjoyed balmy weather and beautiful blue skies.  


  1. She is so precious! I can't believe how big she is :) her turnout is quite lovely :)

    1. The last few years have gone so quickly!! I agree with you about her turnout; and that's with no training --yet. :)

  2. Grammy2:18 pm



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