Monday, June 04, 2012

Jubilee Fun

We began our participation in the four days of celebrations for HM the Queen's Diamond Jubilee by spending an afternoon at a local parish church's fete on Saturday. After the wonderful weather last week, I must say that this weekend has lived up to the stereotype of British weather: cold and rainy.  Fortunately, the rain held off until Saturday evening and in spite of the cold, we had a lovely afternoon.

There were traditional games on offer, as well as bouncy castles, food stalls, live music, and football.  Everything was free apart from a minimal charge for food items.  Righty enjoyed the coconut shy, and it wasn't long before he managed to bag a coconut.

Mr J had fun on the Jungle Bounce.

Coo and Daddy...

Using pocket money kindly provided by Nanny and Great-Nanny, the kids chose treats to eat.  Mr J decided on a burger.  I'm not quite sure how he managed to eat this comfortably, with the gap at the front of his teeth caused by losing two on the same day!  [In true "against-the-grain" Mr J style, the first lost tooth was swallowed in his sleep; the second departed his mouth more conventionally during a pillow fight with Coo.]

Coo happily munched her way through a regular-sized ice cream cone.  [Did I mention what a cold day it was?!]

Mr J was inspired by Coo's cone, and went to buy his own.  "White ice cream, please, with red lines on top." [vanilla with strawberry sauce!]

Meanwhile, Righty was busy on the coconut shy again.  He eventually ended up with three in total.  

We'd been outdoors in the freezing cold for over two hours,  so everyone was glad to go back into the church hall for a drink and a rest.

After glimpsing another little girl's painted face, Coo decided she wanted to go back out and have her face painted.

Of course, when she was inside again, she felt the need to dance, so off came her jacket.  She dressed herself this morning, as usual.  Her outfits are always quite creatively colourful.

Then it was back to Nanny's house for tea, and a glorious Diamond Jubilee cake.

Congratulations to the Queen, from all of us!

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