Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wroxeter II

Our second visit to Wroxeter this week was in honour of Mr J's seventh birthday.  It couldn't have been more different!

More sunshine, for starters.  Much less violence, as the kids kept getting distracted by the treats.

And it was very windy.  In more ways than one, thanks to a whoopie cushion, which was one of Mr J's birthday presents from friends!


  1. oh my goodness, i had forgotten about whoopie cushions lol boys ;) my son loved those at the same age lol

    1. Yes... I had forgotten about them too until yesterday! :)

  2. you remember the whoopi cushion that was introduced at our home years ago? Was it Alex that found it quite intriguing? Seems I remember he got me with it quite a bit.

  3. Yes, I do... and I think he did "get" you with it often!! Funny thing is, Coo is having just as much fun with it as J. :)


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