Friday, November 16, 2012

Making and Doing

Following on from my last post, in other creative news, Mr J has been inspired by reading about Egyptian mummies and decided to make his own.

Over the course of several days, I've found his large mama-made rag doll in various places all over the house, swathed in scarfs and finally a blanket.  One night I even found it lying at the end of our bed with a Darth Vader mask carefully placed over the face.  Mr J has been reading a world history book aloud to myself, Lefty, and Righty; and his mummy-making inspiration appears to be coming from this book.  We all know how he likes to act out what he reads.  

At the instigation of our friends Lizzie and Teresa, the boys helped create a homemade Lord of the Rings-themed floor-sized Monopoly game.  They love playing it!

And... it's that time of year!  In spite of the brevity of our summers, it's now cold, and we need warm clothes to wear.  Jeans with holes in the knees will not do anymore. Two well-worn pairs became shorts, while three less-worn pairs took on personalities of their own.  Those faces are created from appliqued felt over red fleece patches.  Lefty wanted teeth on his, but Mr J preferred fangs.  Love the daughter's tights/flip-flops combination there on the left!


  1. Erin...these are very cute. You verbally described the patches but wow the photo shows the art of it all.

    Happy crafting!

  2. Thanks, Mary. Mr J was making his patch faces talk to each other! :)

  3. These are great Erin, thank you. Do you know where I can buy red fleece from though? I can't find any :(

  4. We have it at our local fabric shop. Next time I am in, I'll check and see if they have any more --if so, can always pick some up for you! :)


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