Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Rue Royale @ The Malt Cross... 07 May 2013

Tonight was a wonderful evening composed of catching up with old friends, listening to quality music, and drinking fairly great coffee!

The venue was a Victorian-era music hall, with glass-paned arched ceiling, a balcony-style second floor curving round the hall below protected by iron railings covered in fairy lights, and wooden floors.

The downstairs' floor was augmented by interesting groups of glass tiles.  I know nothing about the history of these particular types of buildings, but I wondered if the glass tile arrangements were designed to catch the light and reflect it, probably quite necessary in the days when all illumination was provided by gas lamps and candlelight.  

We enjoyed fresh coffees and drinks from the bar downstairs, but chose to sit upstairs in a cosy corner.

As amazing as the place was, these guys were the reason why we were there!  They don't disappoint... ever. They just get better with time.

Just like this historical gem hidden in the midst of a rapidly modernising Nottingham.

Rue Royale's third album, "Remedies Ahead", is out in August. 

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