Friday, June 14, 2013

York II

We left home just half an hour after we intended to do so this morning. That's our normal speed when going on long trips that include overnight stays which constitute all of this: backpacks full of pyjamas and changes of clothing, food supplies for snacks and lunches, water bottles for all, books and art bags for entertainment, hooded jumpers for cloudy weather, books and various lose-able small toys that are so necessary to our happiness, and of course not forgetting the rain macs, wellies, flip-flops, and hats that are needed for a family of six.

Arrival in York happened around half past twelve, about the same time as the rain.  We determined to set out into the rain-splattered city no matter what, and were glad we did.  This afternoon was a fun adventure, with no time constraints or unnecessary money spent.

The rain was intermittent and there were surprising spots of sunshine.  We decided to walk around the city walls of York, which is something we've never done before. York has more miles of intact city walls than any other walled city in Britain.

The boys took a break to climb up the hill to Clifford's Tower.  

We stopped at the Walmgate Bar, where we rested in a small coffee shop inside. [Do read that review in the link; the reviewer, intriguingly, doesn't like the religious undertones to the coffee shop but decides that their good coffee wins and he'll go back in spite of their Christianity!] We enjoyed yummy drinks and friendly conversation with the coffee shop's proprietors.


Let's go again...

This view looks down into the garden at the base of the wall where Mom and I set Grandmother's ashes in November 2011.

We climbed into the city below at the Monkgate Bar, and went over to York Minster, having walked all but a small section of the city walls.

Rain started again in earnest and it was time to go back to the car.  Goodbye, York, until another day.  Perhaps a sunny one next time?

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