Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back to Haddon Hall


After our visit to Haddon Hall three weeks ago, we were able to go back today. Joining us were Grammy, and friends Sarah, Heather, Josh, Matt, Abby, Nathaniel, Toby, Kathy, and new friend Christelle.  

It was a wonderful afternoon.  The breeze blew cold, the sun sometimes shone hot, clouds drifted endlessly across the sky, shifting shadows skimmed over the ground.  Hints of autumn danced around the beautiful gardens like woodland fairies bringing mischief. The loss of summer brilliance goes almost unnoticed in a place like Haddon.  Dryer, duller colours somehow suit it more; the lovely smells of the lavender, tansy, and other herbs drift through the gardens and into the house.  

The boys were wild.  Maybe it was the approaching change of seasons they could sense; maybe it was the chill in the air making them want to move around to stay warm.  Maybe it was the promise of chocolate fudge cake, seedcake, and Heather's courgette cakes for late afternoon tea on the picnic rug before leaving to go home.  Below was a rare quiet moment, beside the deep fountain pool.  [Righty was keeping a cricket he'd found under his hat for safekeeping.  Before we left, he decided to let it go free instead.]

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