Thursday, August 01, 2013

Raw July: Week Four

This winds up our month of eating raw!  We did four weeks, and then gradually began to add in some cooked food.  I waited to have coffee until the month was over, and will be staying with decaf for the time being.  We buy amazing Swiss water decaf beans from Suma so it's not a hardship.  I'm also still trying to avoid dairy for a while but I'm definitely looking forward to eating eggs again!

Thursday, 25 July
Breakfast: smoothies with strawberries
Lunch: green salad with leftover raw vegetable chilli
Tea: rocket and mixed leaf green salad; fresh salsa; avocados; sprouted lentils and beans; raw creamy cashew dressing with hemp seeds

Friday, 26 July
Breakfast: smoothies
Lunch: snacks
Tea: romaine leaves with fresh salsa, raw taco filling, and guacamole; raw chocolate banana coconut cream pie

Saturday, 27 July
Breakfast: chocolate banana avocado smoothies
Lunch: salad leaves, carrot sticks, cucumber, apples, pistachios, cashews, dried mango and pineapple
Tea: rocket leaves with olive oil, kalamata olives, hemp seeds, and cherry tomatoes; green salad

Sunday, 28 July
Lunch: raw snack bar, pistachios, cashews, dried mango and pineapple
Tea: small amount of cooked wholemeal spelt spaghetti with raw basil cashew pesto

Monday 29 July
Breakfast: smoothies
Lunch: sprouted lentil salad with avocados and creamy cashew dressing
Tea: fresh salsa, guacamole, green salad, brown basmati rice with pinto beans in a wholemeal tortilla wrap

Tuesday, 30 July
Breakfast: smoothies with mango
Lunch: snacks
Tea: raw purple cabbage coleslaw, green salad, pinto beans and brown basmati rice

Wednesday, 31 July
Breakfast: smoothies
Lunch: green salad with sprouted lentils and leftover raw purple cabbage coleslaw
Tea:  vegetable chilli with brown basmati rice, green salad

Snacks: Fresh pineapple and mango, dates, cashews, apples, carrot sticks, walnuts, watermelon.

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