Saturday, September 14, 2013

Eleventh Birthday Interview With Lefty

Lefty always knows exactly what he wants.  His request for a cake this year was "triple-layer chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream"! 

What is the adventure you would most like to have?  
I'd like to be the character Richard Hannay in the book Island of Sheep, by John Buchan

What would you like to do when you grow up?  
Storm chase.

What's that going to be like?  

What's your favourite tea?  
Mostly everything.

What's your favourite cake or pudding?  
Mostly everything.

What's your favourite book[s]?  
Asterix and Obelix books, JRR Tolkien's books, and the Richard Hannay books by John Buchan.

Who do you like hanging out with?  
Lots of people!

What do you enjoy doing with me?  
Christmas shopping; I always love that.

What do you enjoy doing with Dad? 

What do you enjoy doing with Coo?  
Making a tent in the lounge and playing in it with her.

What do you enjoy doing with Righty?  
Playing cards.

What do you enjoy doing with Mr J?  
Playing "Clue-do".

What's your favourite thing to do on your own? 
Play figures and read.

What's your favourite family day out together?  
Go to a National Trust place.

What makes you happy?  

What makes you sad?  
Getting hurt really badly, like when I banged my knee on a brick wall.

What do you enjoy learning about the most?  

If you could choose any time in history to live in, when would that be?  
When Julius Caesar was starting his campaigns.

Is there anyone famous that you'd like to meet?  
The movie director Peter Jackson

If there were any imaginary/pretend things you could choose to do, what would it be?  
I'd like to have adventures like Richard Hannay does.  He solves mysteries that are very exciting.

Lefty's last birthday interview can be found here. Our birthday interviews were an idea from Lauren, who blogs at Sparkling Adventures.  They're a great way of seeing the changes that take place as our kids grow older, as well as noting the things that remain the same.

I was twenty-two when Lefty and Righty were born.  I had no clue what I was doing.  Does anyone, no matter what age they are when their children are born?  Their first few months were the busiest of my life up till then, but also the most blessed.  I am so thankful that these guys --not so little anymore-- were first.  

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