Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My totally bland life

Lefty and Righty have had a birthday.  They are now entering their eighth year, and haven't changed at all since the day they were born.  Actually, they are about four feet taller, all wiry arms and skinny legs, and talk constantly.  They are still noisy, on the go, rarely sleeping, always eating... just as they were when they first arrived on the scene.

So there was another birthday trip to Wroxeter Roman ruins. They were all dressed up in camouflage for Saturday's visit. I do not recommend this. I had a stressfully constant "Kid 1, Kid 2, Kid 3" visual checklist going on the entire time. Not to mention the fact that Coo was eager to drop herself six feet into the nearest below-ground ruin. However, there were a few extra hands around who were happy to help with the little miss, which was lovely.

Yesterday we had their birthday tea. Lefty and Righty rarely discuss what gifts they would like for their birthday. We have never encouraged this or mentioned wish lists. They don't seem to be too bothered anyway.  Instead, they will have endless conversations, usually beginning in January, about what food they are choosing for their birthday meal, and which cakes they are having this year.

It was like cooking for Thanksgiving dinner. We had chicken pie, beef sausages, mashed potatoes, peas, and gravy. Lefty's birthday dessert was apple pie.  Righty asked for a white cake with chocolate fudge icing. Every single scrap of food, apart from the sausages, was homemade and prepared yesterday.  Easy peasy... ha ha.

Afterwards, the atmosphere was definitely evocative of post-Thanksgiving, as we sat around nearly comatose from the incredibly heavy food.  How about a beautifully light and green Greek salad with olives and feta next year, boys?

They were up until past 10 last night, and Mr J has struggled to remain calm most of the day. We've all steered a wide berth around him for safety's sake.  He finally fell asleep during quiet time and gave the rest of us a much-needed break from the intensity.

I've been busy this evening making going away presents for friends leaving for university.  

Don't forget about us...

Yet how could you possibly forget what it's like to spend any amount of time with our totally bland family? Do come back and visit when you're home again, and relax with us... enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee while a child shouts a football anecdote down your ear,  a wooden sword jabs your leg, and a drum pounds  incessantly (but with great timing!) in the background!

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