Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's on the table?

We have a YWAM student staying with us this week whose homeland is Northern Ireland.  I've been impressed with how he's eaten everything we eat, even down to drinking Pukka teas with Dan and me!

Last weekend was unceasingly busy. As a family, we journeyed to Wroxeter and Attingham on a sunshiny Friday; at the latter, we walked for three miles through parkland - all six of us, including tiny Coo!

The remainder of the weekend was occupied with friends visiting; housecleaning; and garden work that comprised everything from bonfires to carpentry.  Fortunately, late on Thursday evening I had filled our soup pot with minestrone, and that yummy soup was our main meal at the end of each day.

Monday evening we enjoyed a roast chicken for tea.  The bird was organic and free range, with properly formed legs to prove it, and boasting a strong flavour.  I roasted it until the meat was practically falling from the bones. We ate it with homemade gravy, potatoes roasted in olive and coconut oils, and steamed but crunchy vegetables: cabbage, carrots, and broccoli.  Then I boiled the chicken bones in plenty of fresh, cold water and ended up with a chicken stock that formed the basis of our red lentil soup on Tuesday.  We've also eaten vegetable chilli with baked potatoes and cheese; and spicy Mexican rice and beans served with a dark green salad, avocadoes, tomatoes, and green onions. 

Baked treats included chocolate flapjack from this book, Sara's oat bars, and banana muffins [again]. Mmmm! All three taste even better with a cup of hot, fresh coffee, of course.

What was on your table this week?  
Leave me a comment with a description of a recent favourite meal - 
either one you cooked, ate out, or one that was cooked for you! 

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