Saturday, April 30, 2011

Glued to the TV

We almost never watch television.  If there's anything we want to see, we'll find it online or on DVD.   However this last 24 hours I feel as if I've been swimming in TV. 

It all began with the Royal Wedding.  From 10.45am to 4pm yesterday, we basked in the glow of the television.  A welcome glow, as the weather outside was hazy for much of the day, a slow plodding end to the sunshine of the last few weeks.  

Lying in bed last night with my eyes closed, I could still see the events of the day, many of them re-played over and over, as they were during yesterday's live coverage.  Sadly, I must admit I was only re-envisioning the clothes, the fashion, the shoes...  I don't [and never would, even if given the opportunity] dress sophisticatedly, in comparison with all the royals and celebrities, but I love to critique the fabrics, colours, and textiles.  Was that a blue boat on Tara P-T's head? And who was behind all the corkscrew-inspired hats? [Philip Treacy, in answer to that]  Where was Posh's baby bump? Is she even pregnant? Did Zara Phillips realise how huge her hat was in comparison with the rest of her? Who missed out on the key fact that the colour of the Queen's dress would match the Dean of Westminster's robes? My favourite outfit among the wedding guests belonged to Nick Clegg's wife Miriam, but in my opinion the design of the day was Kate's veil, as anyone who sat near me as we watched the wedding could tell you.  It was perfect.

Back in real life and away from the world of royalty... the global celebrations over a British royal wedding really amused me.  From drinking tea out of china cups in the Midwest of America and prancing through the early dawn streets in wedding dresses in New York City, to royal wedding house parties in Australia and Kate and William cakes in South Africa, to troops in Afghanistan watching the nuptials while playing Scrabble, it was astounding how one social event could cause a large portion of the world to come to a standstill and stay glued to their television screens. 

My TV watching doesn't end there.  From the sublime to the uh... incredible.  In American news, I've been amazed on so many levels by the story of Stormy and Sky, who, with their mother, took shelter under tanning beds in Georgia during Thursday's deadly tornado and survived.  Don't miss this...

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