Thursday, June 23, 2011


These photos aren't great, but here she is.  I haven't named her.  We'll leave that to Coo.  She has no hair [yet] but I crocheted a crimson beanie to keep her warm for now.

Modelling her flannel shorts and top underwear/pajamas set.

Vibrant and beautiful dress.  I started out with the intention of using Mexican influences for this dress, but clearly somehow managed to end up in Africa!  Is that a queenly posture or what?

So onwards now to the birthday.  I hope to be posting a Coo birth story at some point this weekend!

A few people have asked, so here's the link to the website where I purchased the doll materials.


  1. this looks awesome!! LOVE IT!!!

  2. Anonymous9:15 am

    Beautiful stuff and a big Happy Birthday Coo!!! Hope you are all having a lovely day xxxxx

  3. Happy Birthday Coo... think Jen is a little excited about the gift she has got...

  4. Anonymous3:10 pm

    GREAT doll. You could make a little string bag for her and all her outfits!! I know she likes bags!!!
    I am currently wearing my red beanie to keep warm too :O)
    Love to see a pic of her receiving doll!


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