Monday, August 27, 2012


Bank holiday Monday, and it's dreary, overcast, windy, raining... did I miss any? Oh yes, cold.  Never mind. Time for another family day out!

We went a bit further afield this time and travelled over to the edge of Cannock Chase, to visit Shugborough.

This stately home and its surrounding property have been kept as a working estate, owned by the National Trust but maintained by the county council.

It was nice being allowed to take photos inside, so I can give you an idea of the beautiful interior of the house, originally a large country home, renovated between 1745-1748 to create the Georgian-style mansion seen today.

The combination of mirrors and windows in the dining room fascinates Righty:

This room contains mostly Chinese furniture and imports that were originally housed in the Pagoda, a folly in the estate's parkland.

The largest room in the house, and one of my favourites, with its glowing red walls and beautiful paintings.

The Anson family owned Shugborough for many generations. From 1762-1773, Thomas Anson was the owner of his family's estate and during this time he had eight follies, all inspired by his global travels, built throughout the estate's parkland. This Chinese-style monument, the Pagoda, is one of them.  It was originally on an island, completely surrounded by water and accessible only by boat.

The lads found trees to climb, as usual. 

Right after the above photo was taken, the rain really poured down.  We were so cold and tired that it was clearly necessary to make a stop at the tearoom.  A mug of hot chocolate for each of the kids and coffee for Dan and me was exactly what we all needed.  Lefty offered to help Coo finish off her chocolate:

I love this photo because it showcases each of their personalities perfectly!

As beautiful as Shugborough is, I don't think it's one of my favourites.  It's perfect, popular, and pretty.  The National Trust properties we've visited that I prefer are the more faded ones with the deep character and colourful histories.  Calke Abbey is definitely still at the top of my list for now!


  1. Looks like you had a good day. Some friends of mine visited on Sunday.

  2. It was very beautiful, but sort of sterile, too... I don't think I connected to it as well as I have with other NT properties we've visited! Nice family day out though. :)


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