Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ninth Birthday Interview With Mr J

What are some of the things you want to do when you are big? 
Be a farmer and play football [soccer]

What are some of your favourite things to do now?
Play football [soccer] and Lord of the Rings

Which books are your favourites?
The "Shoot" football book and Lord of the Rings

What are your favourite things to play with right now?
I like to play with my Legos, and my toy swords

What is your favourite colour?

What's your favourite animal?

What do you like about dogs?
They're fuzzy and fun to play with

What are the names of the people [!?] that you enjoy spending time with?
Righty, Lefty, Coo, Mummy, Daddy, my stuffed toy dogs

What do you like to eat?

What makes you happy?
Thinking about getting a dog

What makes you sad?
Thinking about never getting a dog

What do you like to do with Lefty and Righty?
Play Lord of the Rings

What do you like to do with Daddy?
I like it when we watch movies, go to the Cherryghost [coffee house], and get secret snacks!

What do you like to do with Coo?
Play shop and Lord of the Rings

What do you like to do with me?
Play games like Uno

What do I do all day?
You cook and make soap, and when you have time you play with us

What does Daddy do all day?
He learns maths and science with us, reads, works, and plays with us

What do you do all day?

Mr J's birthday interview from last year can be found here.  The birthday interviews we do are an idea from Lauren, who blogs at Sparkling Adventures. 

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