Saturday, June 24, 2017

Eighth Birthday Interview With Coo

Eight years we've had so far with this young lady! She's as lovely as she looks, beautiful inside and out. She reminds me of a fairy princess, except that the pixie dust magic in her wake takes a more tangible form by surrounding us with the pretty things she's constantly creating. She is not a morning person and doesn't yet appreciate her brothers' jokes, though she's quite capable of holding her own in banter with them when she chooses to! This is a tiny peek into her world...

What is the adventure you would most like to have?  
I’d like to go back to Donaldson Cave at Spring Mill state park

What would you like to do when you grow up?  
Be a ballerina

What's that going to be like?  
Difficult and exciting

What's your favourite tea?  
Cheese quesadillas with refried beans and salad

What's your favourite cake or pudding?  
All of them!

What's your favourite book[s]?  
The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton, the Laura and Mary books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Betsy and Tacy books, Five Children and It, Treasures of the Snow. I just like all books.

Who do you like spending time with?  
My family, Eisley and Everleigh, Adalyn and Chloe. I miss spending time with my friends in England.

What do you enjoy doing with me?  
Playing games like Go Fish, Chinese checkers (chequers), Wildcraft, and Bananagrams. Have cuddles. 

What do you enjoy doing with Daddy? 
I like it when he reads to me and tells me stories about Adventure Girl

What do you enjoy doing with Righty?  
I like to do mystery digs and tea parties with him.

What do you enjoy doing with Lefty?  
I like it when he helps me. He’s kind.

What do you enjoy doing with Mr J? 
I like to ride bikes with him.

What's your favourite thing to do on your own? 
Read while I suck my thumb.

What's your favourite family day out together?  
I like it when we drive to places to stay overnight, like when we went to St Louis or Cape Cod.

What makes you happy?  
Birthdays and cake.

What makes you sad?  
When people tease me.

What do you enjoy learning about the most?  
Science, all of it.

If you could choose any time in history to live in, when would that be?  
When Queen Elizabeth I was alive. I would wear my Tudor princess dress.

Is there anyone famous that you'd like to meet?  
Darcey Bussell

If there were any imaginary/pretend things you could choose to do, what would it be?  
I’d like to have wings and fly up to the very tops of the trees where the fairies live and have a cup of tea and biscuits with them.

You can read Coo’s seventh birthday interview here. Though our questions have changed a bit over the years, it was quite interesting to reread Mr J's eighth birthday interview!

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