Thursday, September 13, 2018

Sixteenth birthday interview with Righty


What is the adventure you would most like to have?  A travelling adventure in mountains, forests, deserts and fields. Like Bear Grylls but with better food supplies.

What's your favourite supper?  Chicken pie, mushroom pie, mashed potatoes, peas and cauliflower.

What would you like to do when you are older? Be a professional footballer.

What's your favourite cake or pudding?  Ginger spice cake.

What's your favourite book[s]?  The Redwall series at the moment.

What’s your favourite music to listen to right now? Trap. I like Aero Chord and Pegboard Nerds.

What are your top hobbies right now? Making electronic music, playing with my football cards, listening to music.

What do you enjoy doing with me?  Reading, having cups of tea together and chatting.

What do you enjoy doing with Dad? Sleepovers and FIFA.

What do you enjoy doing with Coo? Tea parties. 

What do you enjoy doing with Lefty? Football practise. 

What do you enjoy doing with Mr J?  Playing Lego Pirates of the Caribbean on the playstation.

What's your favourite thing to do with Silo? Help him kick his little football.

What's your favourite thing to do on your own? Read, listen to music, eat.

What's your favourite family day out together in the last year? When we walked through Walsall and the Arboretum together on our trip back to England in the spring.

What makes you happy? Tottenham Hotspur [Premier League football team] winning their games.

What makes you sad? Fighting.

What do you enjoy learning about the most? Geography.

If you could choose any time in history to live in, when would that be? When the Romans were conquering everything.

Is there anyone famous that you'd like to meet?  Neymar. [footballer]

If you could be a character from a book, who would that be? Harry Potter because it seems real.

If there were any imaginary/pretend things you could choose to do, what would it be?  Have wings and fly.

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