Sunday, October 31, 2021

Raw October: week 4

 We’ve been experiencing an unusually balmy October, but the weather is gradually changing. After a few nippy days, I'm really missing hot drinks. During cold weather I can usually be found alternately clutching or losing my cup of tea or coffee, whether I’m working around the house or sitting down during our reading times. This is the first week on the detox that I’ve been craving warm food and drinks and it feels as if this directly relates to the weather! I was definitely running out of creative energy for making raw food by the end of the week, and it shows in our repetitive meals.


Breakfast: mixed berry cacao smoothies

Lunch: dates & walnuts with almonds and lime cashew bites

Tea: rainbow carrot and green cabbage coleslaw with sprouted mung beans and greens


Breakfast: muesli with strawberries, blueberries, mango, apples, bananas, & Brazil nuts, coconut milk

Lunch: leftover coleslaw with sprouted wild rice and kale marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, & raw honey

Tea: raw taco salad with taco mixture, cashew cream, homemade raw salsa, & green olives


Breakfast: muesli with apples, banana, mango, Brazil nuts, coconut milk

Lunch: leftover raw taco mixture in romaine leaves and red pepper, marinated kale, avocados

Tea: raw tabbouleh & marinated kale over green salad


Breakfast: mixed berry cacao smoothies 

Lunch: leftover raw tabbouleh with avocados

Tea: green salad with grated rainbow carrots and beets, red peppers, cucumber, cashew dressing, salsa, and avocados


Breakfast: purple smoothies

Lunch: carrot sticks, chocolate chia bites, green salad with guacamole

Tea: salad of mixed greens, red onions, kalamata olives, red peppers, lemon & olive oil dressing


Breakfast: mixed berry smoothies

Lunch: greens with grated beetroot and carrot, sprouted mung beans, sprouted wild rice, cashew dressing with mustard

Tea: purple cabbage and rainbow carrot coleslaw, avocados


Breakfast: mixed berry smoothies with cacao

Lunch: green salad with purple cabbage and rainbow carrot coleslaw, sprouted mung beans

Tea: salad of greens with beetroot and red onion, cashew lime bites


Breakfast: mango, peach & carrot smoothies

Lunch: green salad with grated beetroot, sprouted mung beans, & cashew dressing with mustard

Tea: green salad with grated beetroot, sprouted wild rice, cherry tomatoes, & cashew dressing with mustard


Breakfast: purple smoothies

Lunch: curried cabbage salad with cashews and sesame seeds

Tea: leftover curried cabbage salad, green salad, guacamolé, salsa

On Sunday we had muesli for breakfast but friends were round for lunch and I made a roast dinner: chicken, roast potatoes, gravy, veggies, and blackberry crumble with pouring custard. Dan and I both ate cooked food but also had green salad with our meal. 

Even though we’re no longer detoxing, we continue to eat raw breakfast [either muesli or smoothie] and often keep to a raw lunch as well. It’s much easier to do a full detox when you’re already used to eating a large proportion of raw meals!

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