Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thanks, Bear Grylls

My husband sat down today with our boys to watch "Born Survivor", with presenter Bear Grylls, one of these insane survival experts who airlift themselves into remote locations in order to demonstrate their incredible, usually disgusting, survival skills.

In this particular episode, Bear Grylls is in the Sahara desert, walking through endless sand in baking heat with blazing hot sun beating down on his head.  Yes, on his head... so the survival technique here is to remove a strip from his t-shirt, wee on it, and wrap the wee-soaked strip of cloth around his head to minimise dehydration.  In this episode, he also eats a spider, and the body of a lizard-type thing whose head he has just chopped off with his deadly-looking survival knife.

All three boys watched, drooling with envy, as the intrepid presenter displayed his raw animal eating/ dehydration minimisation skills.

And what did Mr J do today, after this?  Let's just say it had something to do with wee on clothes...

He was also found gnawing on a small plastic scorpion/spider type toy at bedtime.  

I'm not sure what to expect next.


  1. Erin
    Can you believe the influence something like that has on J? I am thankful that he will be able to survive in the Sahara as a consolation. I can't imagine what Bear will come up with for survival in Walmart. Oh, by the way, I am back from Bulgaria. And I survived without peeing on my tee shirt.
    Love Dad

  2. Dad, e-mail me and tell me about your trip! :)


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