Thursday, May 12, 2011

What's on the table?

Peppery, fresh rocket is one of my favourite salad leaves.  Lovely mixed with spinach or watercress, but just as nice on it's own, rocket's strong flavour complements Italian food like pizza or pasta.

We've had fresh green salad every day now for the last week.  When our veg box arrived yesterday, one of the first things I noticed was the bag of rocket.  And it's accompaniment, a snacking slug.  As much as I dislike creepy crawlies, it's a small comfort to see them hanging around fresh vegetables or fruit. At least I know that rocket wasn't soaked in pesticides.

File:Eruca sativa 1 IP0206101.jpg

Apparently rocket is also known as arugula. Any North Americans familiar with this?  

I sent a few envelopes of organic rocket seeds to my mother a few weeks ago, illegally, so I thought, padding out the packet with plenty of Pukka teabags to disguise the deed.  However, I did some research [afterwards, as usual] and discovered that seeds aren't apparently considered restricted goods.  Royal Mail's only banned biological substance is human and animal material.  Understandably.  In international post, that is.  However, these items are permitted "to be carried within the UK provided strict conditions are met."  What?  I mean, why? Actually, I don't even want to know!

Anyway, back to rocket.  I've also been giving Oscar handfuls of this spicy leaf to munch.  I mean, juicing it.  Yummy! 


  1. Your mother and I was eating it from
    the garden when we received your package. Yes, we have grown it for a few years. It has a spicy taste and is great with other leaf lettuce. We are eating it about every day.

  2. The rocket seeds are now safely tucked in the soil in my wooden raised bed outside. Thanks, Erin!


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