Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wroxeter and Attingham with Grammy

Another day out, another trip to Wroxeter --this time with Grammy!  It's still one of our favourite places.  The weather always seems to be great, partly cloudy but plenty of sunshine, and though the breeze is usually strong, it's bearable.  We enjoyed a picnic together, then the kids ran all over the ruins for an hour, while we followed behind at a much slower pace.

After an hour and a half at Wroxeter, we drove five minutes down the road to Attingham.  The walk around the park there is one of our favourites.

We did the three-mile woodland walk, through a pine forest with a floor so soft from the fallen needles it was like walking on a cushion.

Attingham's 650-year-old oak tree... 
 Coo was very tired near the end and had to be carried.  Fortunately, round the far corner of the house, the teashop awaited us!

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