Thursday, November 06, 2014

Soap and Such

I've been soap-making again.  

The sights and smells of the soap process are my favourite part of this hobby-turned-pocketmoney-making venture.  Watching the saponifying cloud spread as I add the lye water to the hot oils and butters; then stirring, blending, seeing the completeness as the soap mixture arrives at the legendary, pudding-like "trace" is so satisfying.  I love the scents of cocoa and shea butters, and all the essential oils, but I also appreciate the tangy smell of the lye as it blends with the oils, and together they become "soap".

This is not your typical moneymaking craft project, something you can sell and make a small profit from easily.  I use good quality oils, butters, and essential oils, and they're not inexpensive! I'm hoping to at least recompense myself for what I've spent on soaping supplies this year at a semi-local craft fair in December. 

Because, of course, we use the soap I make.  Every once in a while a few bars go away as a gift, but usually every single bar is eventually put into use in this household.  

I've never sold soap on any measurable scale before, and I'm a bit daunted by all the insurance discussions on my online cold process soap-makers group. Should I word some type of disclaimer for the less discerning, or trust customers to make their own decisions about the soap they buy?  Every recipe has been in effect tested by us, as it's the soap we use daily.  Recipes that dry our skin or go soft too quickly are in my "tried but not our favourite" notes.

The craft fair will take place in four weeks, so my last few batches will be underway this week as they'll have time to cure properly before they're ready to sell.  And hopefully, I'll catch the time I need online to blog more about this latest venture.


  1. I miss your smells of home-made soaps and candles. I am so glad you are finally being able to sell them at craft fairs in Indiana. Walsall just doesn't have the means to be able to share your products like you can around the States. I hope this goes well for you in December. Miss and Love you.

  2. I think making your own soap would be so satisfying. There is a gal in West Virginia, writer-turned-farmer, who makes her own soap, too. It looks like a fascinating, but slightly scary process. You might like her blog - she does a lot of soap making, cheese making, candle-making, etc. www.


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