Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Raw October: week two

This week contained an unparalleled treat: Dan and I celebrated our October twentieth anniversary by going out for lunch... during our thirty day raw detox! We went to Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe in Indianapolis and enjoyed Buddha bowls as well as raw desserts. Driving such a distance to go out to eat during a detox is no small sacrifice, but Dan took a day off work and I gave myself a day off from the fall cleaning operation that beset our home this week. Besides, I had plenty of knitting time as Dan did all the driving!


Breakfast: muesli with apples, Brazil nuts, bananas, & homemade coconut milk

Lunch: avocados and cherry tomatoes with salt, pepper, garlic

Tea: green salad with cashew dressing, coconut meal, olives, yellow peppers, rainbow carrots, and cucumber


Breakfast: muesli with apples, bananas, Brazil nuts, almonds & homemade coconut milk

Lunch: carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, apples, & spiced chocolate chia bites

Tea: taco salad with taco filling, greens, cashew cream, homemade salsa, avocados.

Dan’s birthday cake: raw pumpkin cheesecake


Breakfast: smoothies with blueberries

Lunch: green salad with leftover taco filling, cherry tomatoes, olives, avocados, cashew dressing, fresh coriander

Tea: watermelon, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, almonds, coconut lime bites


Breakfast: smoothies with mixed berries

Lunch: spinach and beet leaf salad with walnuts, dried cranberries, sprouted wild rice, cashew dressing

Tea: green salad with leftover taco filling, sprouted wild rice & sprouted mung beans, avocado, cherry tomatoes, homemade salsa


Breakfast: smoothies with mango and mixed berries

Lunch: walnuts, almonds & dried cranberries, apples

Tea: broccoli salad with dried cranberries, cashews, cashew dressing, & red onion


Breakfast: smoothies with mixed berries & cacao

Lunch: Buddha bowls with kale, greens, raw hummus, raw falafel, carrots, & beets. 

Tea: Raw key lime cheesecake & raw walnut cacao cake


Breakfast: smoothies with mixed berries & cacao

Lunch: kale marinated in lime juice & olive oil with grated carrots & beets, spinach & beet leaves, kalamata olives.

Tea: leftover broccoli salad with the addition of grated beets, green apples, & sprouted mung beans.

Snacks: Fruit, dried fruit and nut mix, chocolate chia spice bites, coconut lime bites.

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