Sunday, October 10, 2021

Raw October: Week One

This is the first time we’ve done a raw food detox with two of our older kids joining us, for this first week at least! Fortunately our twin who’s NOT doing the raw food detox helpfully shouldered most of the responsibility for cooked food this week. 

We used old recipes and I created a few new ones. One of my favourite things about food preparation is the opportunity for creativity. I love thinking about which flavours I want to experience in a meal and how to craft recipes that reflect that. 

 Friday, 1st

Breakfast: mixed berry smoothies

Lunch: spinach and kale salad with plenty of sunflower seeds, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and creamy cashew dressing

Tea: Carrot pasta bowls [carrot ribbons marinated in olive oil and lemon juice with olives, leeks, and basil] eaten with mung bean sprouts and pea shoots

Saturday, 2nd 

Breakfast: “purple” smoothies [with dragonfruit & blueberries]

Lunch: broccoli salad with red onions, sunflower seeds, raisins, green apples, and cashew dressing

Tea: raw tacos with cashew cream and fresh salsa

Sunday, 3rd 

Breakfast: muesli with almonds, almond milk, apples, and bananas

Lunch: curried cauliflower and cashew mash, green salad with cashew dressing, raw sprouted chickpea hummus with carrots, peppers, celery sticks

Tea: smoothies with mixed berries and cacao

Monday, 4th 

Breakfast: muesli with almonds, almond milk, apples, bananas, and mango

Lunch: smoothies with mixed berries and cacao

Tea: chef’s salad with mung bean sprouts, romaine, rainbow carrots, onions, tomatoes, radishes, sunflower seeds, kalamata olives, coconut meal leftovers from homemade coconut milk, & cashew dressing

Tuesday, 5th

Breakfast: peach & carrot smoothies 

Lunch: red cabbage and carrot coleslaw with cashew dressing & sunflower seeds

Tea: sweet & sour stir “fry” with sprouted mung beans and sesame seeds

Wednesday, 6th

Breakfast: mixed berry smoothies

Lunch: leftover coleslaw with cashew dressing, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, & chopped apples

Tea: garlic lover’s salad with sprouted mung beans

Thursday, 7th 

Breakfast: muesli with Brazil nuts, almond milk, apples, & bananas

Lunch: raw vegetable chilli with green salad and almond meal leftovers from almond milk

Tea: smoothies with mixed berries & cacao

Snacks: dried fruit and nut mix, raw Lara bars, apples, bananas, carrot sticks with raw hummus, chocolate chia bites, watermelon.

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