Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Joy of Completion

Most days I look at the growing pile of projects on top of my sewing machine and sigh.  It will never, ever diminish and go into the West, like Galadriel.  Or wherever she went.  It will keep breeding and multiplying, like the rest of our stuff.  And yet, wait!  Happy news.  Some of my New Year's projects are finished!

When I handed him his jumper to try on, Mr J gave me one of his sweetest smiles.  That has to be one of the reasons why I do this... I love seeing my kids' faces when they receive a Mama-made gift.

Coo is the recipient of two other completed items.  She carried her skirt around with her for a while as it drifted slowly away from its hanger, saying, "Dess! My dess!"

The original women's skirt was a tangerine colour, size 12.  I put it through a green dye wash, sewed new side seams to create an A-line, slimmer silhouette, then scrapped my original idea for a drawstring waist, going instead for the longer job of a proper waistband.  The drawstring (or elastic) would have been too bunchy for my tiny girl.

And she's wearing her wool leggings as I write.  They are too big, but the wonderful thing about that is they will fit her perfectly next winter.  She's teething right now, poor soul, and needing plenty of cuddles.  In her soft leggings -who needs to know they used to see the world as a baggy old jumper?- she's a very snuggly little person indeed.


  1. What a sweet picture! I completed a project myself today - I cleaned my desk and went through months and months of paperwork. I love how tidy it looks now. :-)

  2. Thanks, Melissa. I like the word picture of your clean desk! :)


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